Ref: TROUPER voy 012e Omit NAPLES and ASHDOD – MFS Service

Dear valued customer

We regret to inform you that as per Owner’s decision, in order to recover vessel’s schedule,  m/v TROUPER voy 012e  will omit Naples call

Therefore for all booking already released will be postponed to following vessel

m/v ANGELA voy 047/062e eta Naples24/2.


Vsl will also omit Ashdod port and call Haifa port only.

The a/m vessel will discharge all Ashdod cargo at Haifa port, including your container/s.

Your container/s will be transferred from Haifa to Conterm Ashdod on account of the Line.


On behalf of Cosco ContainerLines Europe Gmbh, we apologize for any inconvenience caused to you for reasons which are beyond the line’s control.

Respectfully yours.






רח׳ הבושם 3
אשדוד, 7714001
טל׳: 073-2631500
פקס: 03-8522719
חיפה משרד ראשי
שד׳ המגינים 51
חיפה, 3101401
טל׳: 073-2631400
פקס: 04-8515886
תל אביב
רח׳ קויפמן 6, קומה 15
בית גיבור, תל אביב
טל׳: 073-2631600
פקס: 03-5175857


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